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Free Download  Windows 10 Gamers Edition – Windows 10 Gamer Edition is an Operating System developed by Microsoft and first released in 2018. As the name suggests, Windows 10 Gaming Edition is an Operating System that is perfect for those of you who like to play games. In this series too, there are various new features and bug fixes in the previous series. Windows Own is an Operating System that is very popular in the world.

Windows 10 Gaming Edition is the most appropriate operating system for playing games because this operating system has such a fast performance, because it has been modified in such a way as to eliminate programs that are not too important. In this Operating System you will find the User Interface is cooler and you cannot find it in any Operating System.

The advantages of this Operating System are increasing launching speed, increasing Desktop APP speed when run, and increasing the speed of data reading. Not only that, this Operating System also supports all Languages ​​in the world.

This one operating system also does not require a computer specification that is so large due to the existence of several non-essential programs that are omitted. Similarly, the size is very small when compared to other operating systems. you can download this Operating System for free. If you are interested in trying it, please download the Free Windows 10 Gamer Edition on the link provided.

Free Download of the Latest Windows 10 Gamers Edition

Download (3.65 GB) 


New Features

• New Icons (Red Style)
• New Cursors
• Dedicated to the gamers.
• Enhanced the gaming experience to a great degree.
• Supports multiple languages.
• .NET Framework 4.7.
Features Removed:
• Windows Easy Transfer
• Bing Finance
• Bing News
• Bing Sports
• Bing Travel
• Office Hub
• Retail Demo
• Solitaire Collection
• Skype
• Sway
• Zune Music
• Zune Video
• Windows Media Center
• One Drive
• WinSXS Backup Folder
• Unneeded Windows Editions Files Cleanup
• Windows Backup Updates Clean Up
System Requirements
• Processor: Intel Dual Core processor
• Memory: 2 GB RAM
• Storage: 5 GB of free storage space

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Free Download Windows 10 Gamers Edition Windows

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